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Mark Blakeway lends lettings expertise to industry magazine, The Negotiator.


March 19, 2019

Mark Blakeway lends lettings expertise to industry magazine, The Negotiator.

This year will see the biggest legislation shake-up in private-rented sector history. Schemes including the tenant fee ban and Section 24 tax relief changes will impact agents, landlords and residents alike.

A poll taken by Outsourced Lettings Solutions during an industry led seminar found that 60% of lettings agents were considering outsourcing their tenancy administration and property management services due to the looming legislation changes. In industry publication, The Negotiator, Mark Blakeway, Head of Lettings at The Grantley Group, explains why choosing not to outsource is the best way to weather the storm.

“We wouldn’t outsource property management and we wouldn’t even consider centralising. I’ve found that in situations with multiple offices and a central property management and accounts system, communication breaks down. So while you can make efficiencies, especially with costs, it is almost always at the expense of service that goes for outsourcing viewings and phones calls too.”

“We have taken on whole portfolios of managed properties from other agents where services haven’t been up to standard, including a portfolio of over 40 properties which came over to us recently as a result of a communications breakdown. Centralised management and accounts had led to some serious errors and the client wanted to be in an operation where everything is under one roof and communication channels were simplified.”

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