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Staying Connected at the Longacre Summer Ball


July 26, 2019

Staying Connected at the Longacre Summer Ball

We live in a digital world. Where we used to send a postcard home when we were on holiday or send a letter to update our friends on our news, we’re now posting, Tweeting, scrolling, sharing and streaming at home and at work. Email is convenient and quick, but no matter how well-written it can lack the personality and care that comes with a hand-written note or a real live meet-up.

At Grantley, we still believe in the power of truly personal communication, not least within the communities in which we live and offer our services. Over the years, we’ve met many families and individuals in Guildford and its surrounding villages.

One of our favourite and longest-standing partnerships is with Longacre School and this week, we attended the annual summer ball, organised by the school’s PTA, on the hottest day of 2019 so far. The theme this time was ‘festival’ which meant a dress code of dinner suits, cocktail dresses or shorts and sunhats! 150 guests gathered at the marquee for speeches, auctions and a fabulous six-piece funk and soul band, as well as champagne and beer served at the Grantley drinks tent. A grand total of approximately £17,000 was raised for the school’s chosen charity, Peterson’s Fund for Children.

We love being a part of the extended Longacre family and to staying connected with so many of our clients – past and present – at these events. With more fundraising fun in the pipeline for Halloween and Christmas this year, we very much look forward to meeting more of the community in 2019, even without sending an email!

David Williams, Director